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Amer Group,

Amer Group is a leading real estate developer, offering mixed-use, family oriented destinations. Amer has diversified businesses in the primary and secondary homes market, as well as hotels, shopping malls and restaurants.

CPIC Global, London UK

CPIC or also known as the China Pakistan Investment Corporation, is an award-winning, privately-owned real estate investment firm headquartered in London with offices in New York and Karachi. We specialise in real estate opportunities within the $62bn China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), particularly the rapidly developing port of Gwadar. Comprised of world leading investment and real estate professionals, CPIC deliver international standards of development and are championing the introduction of trustworthiness, transparency and sincerity to Pakistan’s real estate industry. 

Porto Vacation Club, Egypt

Biggest Timeshare company in Egypt, provide the highest level of services to their elite group of members in the same tradition that all Amer group customers have become accustomed to. Their experience represents the finest in international resort living and life style vacation “ Porto world” is more than just word class resorts it’s a life style revolution, its a Unique, sundrenched seaside destination provide luxurious accommodations, Spa treatments, sporting facilities and year round entertainment for all. With products such as  Porto vacation club (Porto South beach, Porto sokhna, Porto sharm, Porto marina, Golf Porto marina & soon Porto dead sea) your world of vacation entertainment. 

Stars Dome Realty,

Stars Dome Group is a full-service business with divisions in the real estate, interior design,  and hospitality industries. Founded in 2009, the Group has expanded to include four core businesses to serve both local and international markets in the real estate and hospitality industries. 

Chateaux Lifestyle, France

Soon you will be able to discover the worlds most unique Châteaux Ownership Club, Chateaux Lifestyle. 

Offering an opportunity to own shares in the some of the most historical and prestigious Chateaux throughout France.

The First Group, Dubai

Their expert eye for emerging markets led our founders from British roots to dynamic Dubai, where they became one of the first developers to recognize the city’s lucrative property investment potential. "Meticulous research and an entrepreneurial spirit led us to specialize in the highly profitable world of hotel investments. We have made it our business to build iconic hotels, offering individual investors the opportunity to profit from purchasing hotel rooms and suites." Now home to The First Group’s global headquarters, Dubai is the main location for our diverse property portfolio, which also encompasses the wider United Arab Emirates.

Broll Indian Ocean, Mauritius

Broll Indian Ocean opened in Mauritius in March 2013. It is a joint venture with Broll Property Group and the partners of respected local business Tinkler and Ramlackhan. From its Ebene base, it also covers the territories of Seychelles, Madagascar and part of Francophone Africa. Offering 

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