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With the start of 2021 comes a fresh round of variable global lockdowns, once again significantly impacting the way we go about our “normal” working lives, with remote working becoming more commonplace than ever before.


Remote working was something that was loosely floated in the past with the biggest challenge to it being a  lack of trust and transparency, the employee should produce more, the employer should reduce costs, so what’s not to love with the concept?


Sadly we know that anticipation and reality are not words born as twins, and they rarely meet or match.


Mental health & wellbeing are hugely significant in all walks of life today and we know that the workplace is the biggest common factor that we all share. Poor wellbeing and mental health can damage your business.



Coaching & training helps you to create a supportive culture within your organisation, leading to greater staff retention and engagement levels.


Experience shows us that an engaged employee can increase personal productivity by up to 63%, the question is what do they need to engage or to re-engage?

At VOS we offer personalised 1-1 coaching & training all conducted on line. 


Specifically designed to overcome challenges of remote working also to develop and improve the skill sets of individual employees, these sessions can be facilitated on a  1-1  basis, alternatively in a group / team format (smaller groups tend to be most productive)

Working to remove or reduce, 

Low engagement levels

Loss of motivation and commitment

Drop in productivity

Poor relationships with colleagues

Low quality service provided to clients


As a company you are investing in the mental well being of your employees and also assisting in their development through these challenging time’s, in return you will receive greater engagement levels leading to greater productivity and loyalty also growth of your business.


Meaning this minor investment can be a major factor on bottom lines and targets etc.


So our call to employers on behalf of all of your teams is this, talk to us, the investment level will bring a smile to your faces and the outcome will bring a smile to you & your teams as well.


Our Fees 

1-1 personal coaching / training sessions  €175 per hour

Group sessions (to max of 6 attendees).    €250 per hour


We all know the world is better place when we smile.

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