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What if Clients Use Social Media?

It always makes me smile when I see posts on SM sites based on sales techniques “closing”, with headings such as, “how to close that tricky prospect”, “use the clients objections to close the sale”. I see terminology such as, “prospect” “punter” “deal” “break down your prospects objections”, and one of my personal favourites “10 things to say to get the deal”!!

I don’t think I would like to be referred to in that way.

I see all sorts of techniques posted, phone selling, getting to the right prospect, getting past the secretary, a foot in the door, no b-backs, and I have to say I just smile. I smile because I just think What if?

What if the client has read these posts as well?

Do you see traders giving away secrets on SM, do top restaurants tell you which dish to cook and how to mark the prices up? Do manufacturers tell you why they design things a certain way?

We know all of the above are really in place to attract more clients, business and turnover, but do they post the whys and wherefores of their business nuances on Social Media? No of course they don’t.

Promoting and developing sales skills is highly commendable, however does it really need to be in the open market place? We are potential clients, potential clients are people, we are people, we use SM, we read posts on Linkedin, FaceBook, Twitter et al.

So if you read the post on how to “use my words to close me” just think for a moment, What if I read it as well?

If you see your client raise a knowing smile as you start to go through your clever closing techniques.

Then there is no “what if” rest assured, these guys did.

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