Timeshare in Europe, A way forward ?

Last week I listened to a review of 2017 Timeshare activity in the USA it was by Howard Nusbaum CEO of ARDA, he was being incredibly upbeat and positive for 2018 he also cited some of the highlights of 2017.

As well as high sales levels of $9.2 Billion, Howard listed the fact that the industry directly and indirectly creases employment for 500,000, occupancy rates are in the 90%’s annually, he also focused on how they are driving the fraudsters out and cleaning the profile of the industry.

Kudos to Howard & his team at ARDA and the USA I say,

So when I compare this upbeat positive note to this side of the Atlantic and the same industry, the viewpoint is somewhat different.

Sales levels to new members are dropping year on year, mainly because of the almost total lack of new products and opportunities, highlighted in 2017 by Diamond Resorts closing it’s sales and marketing operations in Europe.

The industry still creates high levels of employment, in the EMEA region approximately 280,000 associated jobs are created with over 127,000 directly created.