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To Do or not To Do

Procrastination is a developing condition of today’s world.

Are you a “To Do” list type of person, do you simply complete the list, or do you actually DO the things you say you are going to?

If you say “I’ll do that” what stops you from just doing it?

How often do people say “I’ll do that” or “I’ll get back to you” and then simply forget it.

It may seem overly simple, but just take a moment and think how many people have responded to something you have taken the time to create and deliver to them, with the common

“I’ll get back to you on this” and then what do you get…Nothing

How does your interaction with this type of person make you feel?

You are dealing with yet another talker and obviously not a doer,

Sadly in today’s business world the talker appears to be the dominant one.

I wonder how many companies realise they have employed talkers not doers?

I wonder if they ever offer training to convert the talker to a doer, probably not is possibly the common answer to both of those.

In B2B Sales follow up is essential, equally it gives a prospective client the opportunity to view the ethics of an employee and employer, if a sales person doesn’t respond in a timely manner (or sometimes not at all) that will create the impression of this being a company wide mentality.

If the post sales attention is non existent, what are the chances of that client investing further into your business?

All clients want to know about the company they may do business with as well as the product they are being offered.

In B2C, I have known consumers cancel an agreement within their “cooling off” period, and the reason, the salesperson didn’t do what they said they would, it was no refection on the product or purchase, they just felt let down.

With the quality of CRM options available today there really is no acceptable excuse, it is just a mentality issue.

At VOS we work with companies and encourage training for all employees not only sales, it is essential to remove procrastination from every department of any company, and once removed the benefits are significant.

So if you want to make yourself as an individual or indeed a Company stand out from the crowd, if you want to be noticed, if you want people to hold you in regard, if you want to break the norm, then follow this simple message.

Stop talking and start doing.

If you hear yourself say “I’ll do that” then do it.

If you say “I’ll get back to you on this” then do it.

Put an end to procrastination.

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