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Are sales people really surplus to requirements?

I don’t know about you but I’m seeing more and more articles about the lack of need for sales people in today’s post (!!) Covid world fuelled by AI, the sales exec is dead, long live the sales exec.

I read on article that stated a client had made around 80% of the decision of what they would be buying before even engaging with your company? Wow 80% of the job done how good is that.

But hold on a minute 80% isn’t a sale is it?

Somebody still has to close the deal to bring this sale home, close on any client concerns expand on product capabilities to ensure there is no dissatisfaction with the product that the client had already (well 80% worth) purchased.

So they only need closing, otherwise they would have purchased 100% without any engagement wouldn’t they?

Closing, oh yes, the key factor in sales that separates the best from the rest.

Put your CEO hat on for a moment, you’re about to launch a great new product, now when it comes to selling it do you need people to simply present it because it’s so good it sells itself, or do you need somebody who can convert interest into a solid closed sale?

Closer or presenter which one would you hire?

Interesting isn’t it, sales execs are dead they are surplus to requirements? Maybe this is being spread around by some Marketing guru’s who always believed they did the job of selling anyway (oooh contentious opinion) or possibly like so many things it’s simply incorrect.

What is needed in todays world is excellent sales training (not just, do it this way it works for us) based on a true understanding of todays market place and nuances?

At VOS we specialise in creating sales trainings specifically for your product, your market and your clientele, we can help convert the presenter into a closer but the correct type of closer not some old school clumper.

Maybe you would benefit from giving us a call, unless of course you’re the Marketing guy who believes sales is a dead profession.


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