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Coach or Trainer, What's the difference?

Which one would your team benefit from?

Do you know the difference?

Lots of people get confused, putting this into a sports analogy, the trainer will get your team fit enough to play in the game, the coach will work on their mentality to stay in the game, when the going gets tough and the team needs to keep pushing, its coaching that’s needed not training.

Coaches will change a mentality and a culture, so it’s common to work with middle management and that way feed any new cultures down to your teams, if you don’t get the managers to buy into it, you have a problem and are simply wasting money.

I see lots of franchises selling sales training as a business opportunity, I wonder about these guys, can you really train if you have no experience? Can you just follow an A-Z manual and expect a team to believe you and buy into you and your cut and paste message?

You may get away with it with new hires, but you will very quickly be found out by an experienced team, also forget about using these guys for coaching, without experiencing the highs and lows of the deal, how can they understand the mentality that’s required and help to shift somebody into a new mind space?

External trainers can and do make a difference in sales, however its mainly short term, what is usually required is a mentality shift and an adjustment of the core culture your team have developed, this is where the coach comes in, the good news is, the coach can also train.

Trainers follow a program, coaches follow their experience and need to understand the audience they are working with to maximise results, jumping up and down and singing at sales meetings is not going to work for everybody, so this spread shot approach is limited, a coach works more like a sniper, understanding the individual and then focusing on the key areas identified that are required to make the changes.

Winners know it isn’t only about the body, look at the words greatest runners, they all have coaches as well as trainers, why? Because they understand the difference between winning and coming second is more of a mental thing than a physical one.

The difference in skill levels between the worlds top 10 tennis players is minimal, the difference between the greats and the rest is mental, they simply refuse to be beaten and have developed and work on this mindset, that’s why they have coaches.

So what does your team need, Training or Coaching?

At VOS we have a product called a Sales Health Check that ascertains the answer to the question, and then will show you how to move forward.

If you would like to know more, check out the Sales Health Check on our website

A trainer will get your team fit enough to play in the game, A coach will provide the mentality to win and stay there

What does your team need, training or coaching?

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