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Expectation Versus Reality two words not born twins

I think on line shopping provides the best scenario for this, you are very excited when you see whatever it is, you can imagine yourself using eating wearing or doing whatever this thing does, its going to be a genuine game changer, you are going to rock the world with this baby, that is your expectation.

24-48 hours later

Knock knock, the delivery man is here and here comes the reality.

It doesn’t fit, its made of cheap plastic not shining aluminium, it’s damaged broken and in fact it just sucks, do you send it back, probably not it goes in the cupboard along with the other mail order junk items and you once again recite that mantra,

“I’m never buying anything I can’t see touch taste or smell again”

Which you know is a lie even before you finish the parrot fashion recital.

Life has this habit of making these things happen to us on a regular basis, as we have become more and more complacent and are usually looking for the easiest option.

We have accepted quality is great but sometimes convenience means ok at best?

So we take OK.

Are you really happy with that?

Will you fulfil yourself on that basis?

Convenience means OK, so by acceptance all we want is OK?

An Ok Life, career relationship, health, holidays memories music really just ok?

Isn’t it better to want the best we can have or be the best we can be, we can set realistic expectations and still strive to improve.

For example, I absolutely love to sing, I sing all of the time and drive my wife crazy, I sing in the car the supermarket at home anywhere, I know I should have been a musical legend a global superstar an icon even, there is only one problem, my singing sucks and yet everyday I try to sound better or find a song that’s I don’t murder.

Convenience is the lazy option, so let’s not take it.

How do we ensure quality when we are possibly buying or ordering something for the first time, especially when it has a significant cost.

At VOS we come across this a lot, somebody has expectations but really don;’t have a realistic budget to match so the first thing they will question is the price, we remind them of the convenience option,

“Are you looking for OK training or Exceptional training”?

“Are you looking for a significant increase in engagement levels or just ok?

“Are you looking for a significant increase in sales volumes and conversions or just ok?

So would you rather waste money on OK or invest in success?

So how do we remove OK?

One way is to buy Brands that you know and that have a true reputation.

Secondly if its something new, like team trainings, check the website, testimonials, and even seek references from clients that have used the services before you invest.

Also don’t spend your entire budget in one shot, try them in test cases first, there is nothing wrong with being questioned and tested on your worth,

We are always happy to start small with any company regardless of size, we need to show them that sometimes it is possible to match expectations with reality.

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