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Hospitality Post-Covid

The world post covid is a challenge no doubt about that, I am seeing as I’m sure you are, posts in social media from all around the world, along the lines of how possibly this entire situation could be good for mankind, it will help us to revisit some old school values, be more tolerant as people, more helpful, love thy neighbour help thy neighbour learn and display patience.

We should be prepared to accept and demand less and appreciate more, all very noble indeed, but how is it in practice in your environment, in mine Hospitality, I'm not sure its working out too well.

It seems people have some unrealistic exceptions and are quick to voice their disappointments when these unrealistic expectations aren't met.

I have read several Hotel reviews today, all rather similar that these individuals expect to be checking into an all white Laboratory environment with all staff and guests in full PRE gear white suits gloves masks et al, combined with of course legendary examples of hospitality, fine dining and generally making them feel special.

I recently flew with Emirates from Barcelona to Dubai, the airline required me to have a valid Covid test certificate, check in multiple hours prior to departure fill out lots of forms wear my mask at all time, and also they would be reducing the cabin service to an absolute minimum, however what they would do was deliver me safely inshallah to my destination, which they achieved perfectly.

My hotel in Dubai was perfectly practical, the staff all had masks, they left spare masks in my room, in room dining was an app, it was limited but available, the room was clean, I never saw house keeping but I did see the results of their daily work, it wasn’t glamorous it was practical and served its purpose.

Would I be writing a fabulous review on Trip Advisor ? Probably not, would I be writing a negative review ?, most definitely not.

I listened to people complaining about such insignificant things, possibly they have no exposure to social media and obviously hadn’t received the memo about trying to be nicer, display patience, or possibly they were just A-holes.

I think the staff in all client facing roles have a very difficult task in these present conditions and deserve praise more than grief, the companies have applied certain limitations on them and the service that they can offer, with our best interest at heart.

I would say that without exception every person I spoke with or came into contact with (social distancing applied of course) they were respectful, helpful and doing a very good job.

So kudos to the Hospitality industry’s even from my little snapshot, you guys are doing a great job, making us feel comfortable and welcomed and keeping us healthy and safe.

As VOS Consultants we welcome the opportunity to get back into travelling and meeting clients old and new, we also welcome and thank our colleagues in the Hospitality Industry for your daily efforts, you are most appreciated.


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