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Is LinkedIn the Trip Advisor for Business?

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

I write regular reviews for Trip Advisor, In fact I believe I am in the top 2 or 3 % of reviewers, my rationale is quite simple, its a good forum to share personal (unbiased) experiences and can help people enjoy and avoid different experience levels.

I only ever write honestly (you can check the history of each reviewer to find out how genuine they are) and don’t seek rewards from any establishment, I always try to be fair and compliment great places offer constructive feedback on M.O.R places and can be brutal on low quality dishonest establishments.

So it got me to wondering, how do we in the “professional” sector pass this type of invaluable feedback on?

As we all know expectations and reality are two words not born as twins, and at times fulfilment can be incredibly different.

It brought me to ask the question can Linkedin be the Trip Advisor of business’s?

Having worked in some sectors that have had bad reputations I know how easy it is to be tarred with the same brush and just receive negative opinion, even if you are trying to swim against the tide and be honest open and transparent in your business offer.

When we receive excellent service within our Industry wouldn’t it be nice to able to share these experiences and give other potential clients our opinion on the services we have received?

Testimonials on company website are common place but where would you go to find external testimonials good, bad or even indifferent.?

What has recently brought this to the forefront of my mind is a situation I find myself in now in real time.

I am currently dealing with a supplier within the data (lead) provider sector, the company in question are disgraceful, dishonest and haven’t delivered on one single KPI that they promised and promoted.

Sadly as is the norm within this sector, I the client have had to pre pay for these “services”.

So what redress do I have?

How do I make others aware of these “cowboys”? A La Trip Advisor mode?

Should I write a review on Linkedin outlining what they promised and what they physically delivered?

Actually I wonder if Linkedin would even allow it?

Or should I just send the boys round….

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