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New Normal, New You

I find so many things I’m reading presently making reference to change and how we all need to embrace it, I would say that personally I have no problem with this, however I am very aware that for plenty of people change is an abhorrent scenario, they simply enjoy stability and familiarity regardless of its benefit or take away from life and its quality.

Where do you sit?

Good with change or no to change?

I don’t buy into change for changes sake, it needs to have been thought through and researched I have no problem if the projections are not clear and we would be stepping into the unknown outside of our all too familiar comfort zone, with the aligned mentality that can be really exciting.

Sometimes we can find ourselves looking at others with admiration of their talent and ability, be they sports people musicians actors, business people whatever the genre, the one thing they will have in common to achieve and sustain success is a huge work ethic, and also being open to trying new things, the methods that help you get to the top don’t necessarily mean they will serve you by keeping you there.

Suddenly you are playing in a whole new area, so your routines and habits also need to change, equally if you are striving to improve where you are today personally or professionally physically spiritually emotionally and also from a relationship perspective.

What are you doing to make the step up?

Have you considered a personal coach, trainer or mentor?

Do you know the difference between these three?

Simply put, a trainer will get you fit enough to play at a higher level (this can be physical or mental) the coach will keep your mind sharp enough to stay there and a mentor will lead and guide you through life’s challenges while enabling and encouraging you to make your own decisions.

The good news is you don’t need all 3, a good coach can train and usually encompass a mentorship relationship also.

Choosing a good coach is ideally the place to start.

Today possibly more than ever its become harder to make any long term plans as so many outside forces are impacting us, however today we can all make the decision to change or improve any area of our lives, possibly today as we tend to have more time away from our desk there has never been a better time to make the change, regardless of what that change is.

My advice would be to decide what you want to change and then make a plan how to do it and then commit that plan to action.

We offer personal 1-1 coaching, it’s not as expensive as you may think, its comfortable non threatening, designed around you, so if you are serious about moving to higher level then good luck to you, if you make the commitment to do it then kudos to you, if you would like to talk to us about it, I will invite you to a free of charge or obligation 20 minute consultation with me personally to discuss further.

"Change, can be a great thing, and remember day always follows night so darkness is always followed by the light."

Kevin Wash

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