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New year: Higher Targets Less Resources

Sound familiar?

You have just completed an incredible year especially with the issues 2020 has thrown at us, somehow you managed to achieve targets and the thanks you get for it is an even bigger target in 2021, oh yes combined with less resources.

The eternal Holy Grail of business higher volumes lower costs.

It can be achieved, if you have the correct strategy you have a shot, however so many companies have no strategy they just have hope, well hope is most definitely not a strategy, so based on that’s all you got, I can say with total confidence you ain't gonna hit it.

Let’s take this back a step, the greatest asset of any company is their employees, the greatest competition they face isn’t from competitors it’s from a bad client experience, what would impact a bad client experience, yes you’ve got it, your employees.

There are 4 recognised levels of employee engagement

  • Actively Engaged

  • Engaged

  • Disengaged

  • Actively disengaged

Imagine you have no idea which level your client facing teams are at, it could be carnage, especially if they are actively disengaged, how many times have you been dealt with by somebody who has a serious attitude issue combined with an “I couldn’t care less what you think” mentality.,

Isn’t it true that we all make a mental note never to go back to that establishment?

The employee was actively disengaged and yet the company has now lost our business.

The chances are the employer doesn’t recognise any of the signs to forewarn them of this state of mind, it is surprisingly common in todays market for employers to literally have no idea, and then to compound it they believe that a fun team day makes everything perfect.

So here’s the rub, the Company have very little interest in the well being of their employees and in turn they expect them to deliver an excellent client experience every time, as the alternative would be termination?

Does that seem right to you, does it seem familiar to you?

It is wrong on so many levels and so out of date and sync with todays world.

Karma teaches us to expect to receive what you give out, a great lesson, imagine if companies applied this to their environments, the results could be staggering.

Realistically if you are not investing in your teams, you are not investing in your company and it’s future, please stop saying “we have always done it that way” or “ that’s the way I learnt and it hasn’t done me any harm”.

Try something different, its not all about bi-annual team building days and “fun nights’ it’s about creating a culture that genuinely cares, making your employees feel valued leads to increased productivity reduced costs, that’s how you reach the Holy Grail.

At Vos we specialise in this and have enjoyed tremendous results across different cultures different industry genres and different sized business’s, because we truly understand people, why not give us a call, if you’ve got a bigger targets and lower resources it’s even more essential than ever where you direct those to.


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