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The new workplace, remote or office ?

As some form of “normality” begins to return to our working lives a huge question is now becoming a daily issue, should we return to our work place or remain as remote workers?

Also what are the implications of this decision?

Before we get into it.

Isn’t it surprising that this has become an issue, when you think back to March 2020 and we started remote working, I think it’s fair to say the majority of us didn’t want to do it, we liked the work space the routine the colleagues camaraderie and so forth.

Now some of us are going to have to be dragged back kicking and screaming all of the way.

Here’s a big one, whose decision is it?

We were employed to work in an office and sometimes paid additionally for that, I can’t imagine too many people were given the option at an interview remote or office?

So does that mean it is the right of the employer to decide and dictate company policies?

Working remotely has obvious financial and time benefits for the employee based on commute cost and distances, so is it fair that remote workers in the same roles get paid the same as those who return the office, or should they be paid less?

During enforced remote working did your company contribute towards your home office costs?

Should this continue if remote is your preferred choice?

Will remote working limit your career options?

The $64,000 question, which employee is the most productive and efficient?

Remote or office?

So many question and so many different perspectives on these I’m sure.

One thing I do believe is that the way we work has now changed and will stay this way, with remote working becoming more common place giving people the freedom to live where they choose and not based on a job or commute.

Equally by removing these limitations doesn’t this option increase the size of the talent pool that employers can go fishing in?

A win-win……Maybe?

One thing we have found at VOS is that remote workers are exactly the same as office workers in the way they welcome trainings and respond to the investment made in themselves and their respective careers by the employer, this shouldn’t stop regardless of location of employees.

Remote trainings need to be facilitated in a different manner however they can be as effective as class room style, once a few ground rules have been covered.

Good luck with your choices and if you need any help in making the adjustments either way and in career development training, please feel free to drop me a line as I am sure some of our services will work for you also.


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