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The power of a Coach

What is your take on personal 1-1 coaching, do you believe that you don’t need it, have you peaked or maybe you already know it all?

Maybe you think that your'e just too old to benefit from it, so why bother now?

Well maybe its worth reading this and then possibly revisiting that perspective.

Age was always a dominating factor in the careers of professional sportsman and women, the clock of time would tick very loudly with the alarm going off usually at a fairly young age,

George Best retired at 26, Bjorn Borg retired at 26, footballers would generally be considered to be “over the hill” once 30 arrived, tennis players would tire of the constant travel and training by their late twenties.

Boxers, American footballers, athletes, all of these would be looking at pension funds before their 30th birthday, then something happened.

What was it?

People simply started to challenge the “norm” why should they stop at a given age, isn’t it more about their physical and more importantly mental health?

Today we probably have better access to food, wellbeing and lifestyle than ever before, so why stop?

Take a look at a few events this week in the world of sports,

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers wins his 10th super bowl the guy is 43, and guess what, next year he’s going again.

Novak Djokovic world number 1, defends his Australian Open title, he’s being chased by Rafa Nadal world number 2, they are joined in the worlds top 4 by Roger Federer.

Novak is 33, Rafa 34, Roger 39.

These guys have won 57 of the last 60 Grand slams between them, the next gens haven’t got one yet, and they show no signs of slowing down.

Serena Williams is 38 she has 23 grand slams to her name and who would bet against her getting her 24th anytime soon.

Megan Rapinoe is 36 and still a world class footballer continuously pushing back at boundaries both on and off the field of play.

Cristiano Ronald is 36, possibly the greatest footballer ever and still playing at the peak of this Global sport, he has no plans to retire.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, scored the 500th and 501st goals of his career for AC Milan this week, he’s 39, and he’s not stopping either.

What keeps them all going?

Well the common denominator is their mental strength, and they all use personal coaches.

These guys are the best of the best, they really do know it all, and yet every day they work with their coaches, not on the technicalities of their respective sports, they work on their mentality and how to stay at the top, how to always be in front of the pack.

They all have huge work ethics and commit 120% to everything they do, these guys are all about legacies not titles anymore.

So just think more a moment are you the best version of you?

Can you improve, do you seek to leave a legacy?

Do you use a coach? Have you ever considered it?

Maybe you don’t believe you deserve a coach or indeed are good enough to benefit from one?

Or are you like so many others who believe they know it all and don’t need a coach, the classic “I have nothing to learn” brigade?

My question to you is this, why not open your mind and try to develop yourself and find out what you really are capable of, what you really can achieve?

Think about it, the guys I have mentioned are legends and current legends still playing, they refuse to accept that they cannot improve, and they strive to achieve this on daily basis, they believe and they commit.

What is stopping you?

Why not Invest in yourself, talk to us,

At VOS we offer 1-1 coaching, covering professional and personal objectives.

Experience tells us that once you commit, your results will far outweigh your investment, your gain will outweigh your pain, your growth is whatever you wish it to be, you can reach heights that possibly you haven’t imagined, you can break through glass ceilings.

You need to believe and commit.

Trust me, the cost of this is negligible, you will be surprised how little it actually is.

Book a call today, an exploratory session won’t cost you a cent.

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