our philosophy


“To always leave a client in a more productive pace than we found them in“


At VOS we believe in working with our clients to achieve mutual success, we define this as: 


“Taking a client from one position and working with them to achieve significant change, increasing all team engagement and efficiencies, resulting in an improved operation ensuring substantial continuity of growth.” 


Goals and challenges that can appear to be impossible or unrealistic can be reached, with the correct strategy, having an external unbiased perspective can allow us the clarity to break things down and the benefit of quickly making changes in bite-sized chunks.

Our life cycle with clients tend to follow a pattern, initially, we come as outsiders and cost, then we become an integral part of the business, team members, and finally an asset to be utilised in all future plans.


We do this through our open mentality and flexibility, our global experience means we can truly appreciate cultural differences and nuances, we don’t tell companies what to do, we seek to work with them to improve and remove situations.

Our experience allows us to review SOP’s and quickly eke out productive changes, based on short mid and long term goals, we like to under promise and over deliver and we feel that our client testimonials reflect that.


Our Team share several things, the common denominator being a positive mindset and the ability to adapt to whatever is asked of us, we truly believe in the power of a Team and we work tirelessly to help bring this culture into organisations regardless of their size.


Cross department training can be one of the most impactful areas of our work.

Respect equally plays a significant part in our DNA, respecting our clients, their values team members and objectives while totally committing our resources to achieve the client goal. 

We welcome the opportunity to engage with you and to play a part in the continued success of your operation.


our unique review service


We believe that all business are different and have their own individual challenges, this review allows us to generate a

the clear feel of your business.

We offer a complete review service, which includes (but not limited to) the following

We will visit your premises, discuss your requirements and then carry out a thorough review of all policies and procedures, conduct sessions with different management levels and department members (based on your criteria).

We will then provide a detailed report and a clearly structured action plan.


From Good to Great

Train the trainer

All team Training

Increased engagement

Increase sales Volume

Improve efficiencies

Tailored Structured Sessions



Keynote Speaking

Annual awards

All Team Meetings

Sales Inspiration

One team, T.E.A.M.


SOP’s/ Creation

Pre Openings

Staff Training

Cost & Control Review

Performance Standards

Hotel Services Update

Quality Control

Improving Efficiencies

Best Practices / Trends

Project Management

Re design of operations


Direct & Branding

Developing new Channels

Improve efficiencies

Social Media, Creation and Management

Website Design

Rebranding concepts

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Sales, Marketing & Operations Budgets

Sales Reporting Systems

Feasibility Studies

Commission Structure Financial Review

Improve efficiencies

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