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“We had the opportunity to have Kevin join us in a consultancy role for our Sales Division and later in a Senior Sales Management position. His structured and disciplined approach to the sales process was impactful and beneficial.”

Rob Burns

CEO The First Group - Dubai

"Vos conducted a review of our S&M process, they then provided us with the perfect model to allow us to achieve our targets and under our projected costs." 

Oliver Hartwig

MD PuraVida - Phuket




"CPIC Global utilised the services of VOS through a transitional sales period, we found their input to be insightful and invaluable, highly recommended”

Zeeshaan Shah
CEO -CPIC Global

"We used Vos consultant to assist with our sales and marketing strategy, their input was invaluable and helped us to focus on a clear path to success, Thank You Vos." 

Dmitry Krasnogor

MD Star Dome Realty - Dubai


"I had the pleasure of being trained by Kevin. Kevin’s sale’s training was and still is the best I have ever experienced with no exception, he taught me sales techniques that I still use today."

Tyler Stuart

MD Land Houses- Cambodia

"Best Team"

"Very professional, they focus on the quality and results. If you are looking to impact your bottom line I would highly recommend the services of VOS," 

Piaras Moriarty

CEO, Dev Pro Global - South Africa

"Great Leader"


Sales Training"

"Kevin truly cares about the people he works with and he is highly motivated to see them succeed. I highly recommend him both as a coach and as an excellent speaker."

Petra Lavin

Lavin Estates - Mallorca Spain

"Impressive Sales Results"

"Amer Group utilised the services of VOS Consultants over a prolonged period, we found their contribution and impact to our overall sales growth was extremely significant".

Omar Amer

Vice Chairman Amer Group -Egypt

"Highly Recommended"

Porto Vacation Club used VOS services to cover training for all departments and to increase our sales volume, We noticed after the training a great level of staff engagement and motivation across all team members which resulted in a tremendous increase in our sales volume and that increase was maintained sustainably on yearly basis.

Nancy Sarwat

CEO -PVC -Egypt

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 11.13.31.png


Ramy Filo

CEO Classic Holidays- Australia

"Kevin has extensive knowledge and experience globally of the Holiday ownership industry"

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