Collectively VOS have been involved in the set up and sales globally of Vacation ownership based products in excess of $1 Billion.

One of the many challenges in todays marketplace is increasing sales volumes, many companies will sadly continue to use their existing methods bringing to mind Einstein's famous quotation 


“To continue to do something the same way and expect different results is insanity”

With this in mind we have created something that we believe will work perfectly in these situations and create a genuine win win.

Experience shows that after specific training sessions conducted, a spike in sales and efficiency in operations will happen. 


VOS conducted  a 5 day training session for one client, a 60% increase in sales occurred over the following 3 months.


How much would such a sales spike be worth to you?


Regardless of location or language, we are extremely confident that we will increase your sales.

Sales Health Check is a complete package that covers an unbiased professional review of the client's Sales / Hotels Operations (this could be expanded to S&M). 


Following the review, we will create a specific training tailored to meet the unique concerns and to maximize the opportunities identified.


With the expected results being a spike in Company sales, and the foundations to take sales volumes to a completely new level.

Review visit to be 2 full days on the property. 
Training sessions would also be two full days.
Ideally, training sessions should be facilitated within 2-3 weeks of review. 

Example based on European Clients can be adjusted for the 

rest of the world.

Contact us now. 

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