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Sadly in today’s throwaway world every time something breaks and without looking at the reason why we just throw it away and get another one, obviously, we hope the new one will work better but the reality is we don’t know that.

Employees have now become almost a throwaway by-product and simply disposable.

However, is that the most efficient method?


Especially when you consider the ever-increasing cost of replacing staff with new hires, this really can be a budget breaker with ranges from £12 - 20k per hire.

This doesn’t factor in the damage to employee morale, total insecurity and lack of value felt by employees and in turn the overall damage to productivity caused through lack of engagement.


Remember this covers all department not just sales & marketing, it's collections CRM, asset management all support staff across the board.

We believe retain and retrain is a better option than replace and retrench.


So what is the alternative?



VOS has created a new program, TEEM   - The Efficient Evaluation Method

Bespoke appraisal & training services for Companies


We will conduct your employee appraisal, and then create strategic plans to move forward on,  providing specific 1-1 monthly training  in order to increase engagement levels and productivity.


In turn helping to overcome challenges and obstacles resulting in constantly achieving and surpassing company targets.

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Bespoke appraisal/training services 

Offering 6 base functions.

A specific framework to improve productivity

Personalised 1-1 training

Performance feedback 

Increased engagement & productivity

Reduces company costs 

Accurate & recorded data


TEEM = Increased productivity, reduced costs.


The benefit to companies is multifold and huge, increased efficiency and productivity combined with reduced costs, almost the Holy Grail.

We have tested this and it works, it’s perfect for smaller to mid-size companies as the only impact in your budgets will be positive.

So instead of throwing money away and accepting the ever tiring inductions of new hires, plus the damage to employee morale, why not redirect a small % of it and invest it back into your teams? after all, your employees are the ones that can make or break the business & the benefits are incredible.


Includes (2 x 1-1 sessions)

1 x monthly evaluation session

1 x 1-1 monthly personalised training session 

Strategic plan to improve productivity

Ongoing direct contact (e-mail)

Weekly motivational communication

Weekly performance updates

Monthly reports provided to the company.


Individual pricing packages can be created.

Stop wasting money on replacement hire @ 12-20k per employee.

TEEM changes the focus at a fraction of replacement costs.


For further details and cost’s

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