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publications & inspirational speaking

The nature of your business is not overly relevant as all sessions would be tailored to your company specifically, we would liaise with the leadership create the content and then Kevin will deliver, also spending time with your teams in Q&A sessions if needed.


The areas we cover would be typically works shops, sales meeting, presentations, coaching and keynote speaking.


These sessions could be at your all team meetings, award ceremonies, annual, quarterly or month end or just a normal team meeting where you are looking to create an impact. 

Historically we have seen greatly improved team engagements after such talks higher sales and  record sales months, equally we know that employees appreciate the effort from the company to create such events.


Please send me a mail or call and let’s discuss what VOS can offer you.


& webinars

Read more about our publication in

Do Indie Books

This a the perfect way to conduct regular training sessions to dispersed teams and enabling training within company budgets.

Typically we will liaise with your leadership create and facilitate the sessions (which can be recorded for future use) and will provide copies of sessions and surveys to all attendees.

Webinars offer limited disruptions to work time and maximum opportunities to get your message across.

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