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We are a dedicated couple combining over 50 years of global experience across all aspects of the Mixed Use Development sector, & Hospitality Industry, working with leading Hotel companies and developers such as, Marriott, Fairmont, Four Seasons, Diamond Resorts, The First Group, IFA Hotels & Resorts and many more.

We specialise in the training and development of all departments and personnel, we have enjoyed tremendous success with this to the delight of many clients.

We  say “training isn't something we did, it's something we do”.


Our design and social media management service is becoming increasingly popular as our unique approach to this genre is assisting in the expansion of both companies and individuals.


Through our associate network we have solid feasibility experts to guide and advise on any new projects prior to commencement, the creation of S&M as well as operational budgets.

We firmly believe that utilising our services will not only increase the profitability of your business, it will lead to a greater client experience, higher staff engagement and retention, lower operating costs and an increase in sales revenues.  

We schedule our services in accordance with your requirements objectives and budgets. 


Dayiana Oballos, Partner

A highly experienced professional with a background of over 25 years operations, She has facilitated opening and managing of Fairmont Private Residence Clubs (fractional ownership) in Mexico and South Africa, Including but not limited to Fairmont Hotels, Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton and Wyndham, her work has covered, Venezuela, Mexico, South Africa and Dubai. 


Dayiana has dealt with multi-cultural clients to the highest levels of taste, social standing and demands, at all times maintaining the integrity of the company represented by her services.  

She believes her experience enables her to cope with the most demanding and detailed projects, from the largest hotels to the smaller individual boutique style with the over riding focus on customer experience. 


She established DoIndie graphic to offer Brand integrity, web design and Social Media management, conducted with the highest taste and freshest designs, her work is creating greater engagement and business activity with existing clients, ranging from Individuals to multi national companies.


Dayiana welcomes challenge & new experiences, she has the energy and drive to train and lead new or established teams to implement SOP’s successfully to the highest level ensuring enhanced guest and client experiences.

Kevin Wash, Partner

Kevin is a truly passionate Trainer and believes that with the correct mental attitude the world is an open playing field where you can literally write your own destiny, his training significantly impacts all attendees and is designed for all working genres and departments.


He is also a multi published author on both sales and lifestyle coaching, and is recognised as a leading mentor and counsellor from a personal and professional perspective.


A true leader of sales professionals, with a consistent and proven track record of developing sales and marketing teams to achieve and surpass, budgets and targets, at all times in line with all cost requirements.


Having a truly multi cultural perspective Kevin has provided input into the creation & development of several new projects through to successful launch and sales of product, in areas covering, Dubai, Spain, UK, Portugal, Thailand, South Africa, India, Egypt and many other destinations.


Specialising in mixed use development and multiple ownership formats, including Private Residence Clubs, Freehold Property and Land, Off plan and secondary markets, Hotel Condominiums and various forms of Vacation ownership, while also developing new and untapped markets.

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