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Does a Positive Mental Attitude Really Make a Difference ?

“You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making.” Stephen Richards

Firstly allow me to start by stating, I truly believe that a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) can make significant impacts on anybody’s lives.

Having a PMA isn’t all about running around shouting out how great life is and how much you should love everybody while giving out fist pumps and high fives, (we all know one of these people), in fact these guys are generally more of a pain than a gain.

I learnt many years ago that a good test of your own PMA, was when you could stay positive, even though it appeared you had nothing to be positive about, no job, no prospects, too many debts, bad relationships, over weight, no money etc. etc. etc. Does any of that sound familiar, ringing any bells, well lets break it down.

If you look, there is one common denominator to all of these, your attitude.

For example,

Bad relationships: Well maybe you should change the way you approach them, remember you normally get back a reflection of what you give out, so is the current you a great person to be in a relationship with? You can or even change them completely, nobody has to stay in a bad relationship.

No prospects: Who said so? Well guess what, you did, nobody is phoning you or texting you everyday with the message, “today you have no prospects” only you are saying that, so again change your attitude, instead of having No prospects, decide to look for New prospects.

Bad debts: Can’t cope with them? well with the wrong attitude this can become a source of depression, do you really want that? Hopefully no, so again change your attitude, break the debts down and make a plan, inactivity will only lead to depression, so make a plan, and structure how you are going to resolve this. Yes you alone, you don’t really need anybody’s help, or even expect it, chances are you put yourself into this position, so its time to stop wallowing and start to get yourself out of it.

Over Weight. Who hasn’t been at some stage in their life? Let’s face it the majority of us are neither super-models or highly trained athletes. How did you become over weight, oh yes that’s right, you ate too much, YOU nobody else, so how do you change this situation, the key word here is You. Make a plan, a realistic one, change your eating habits, and change your weight to a level that is acceptable, we know when the cold weather comes we “insulate” more, and when the warm weather comes we adjust for this as well.

So hopefully you can see a pattern forming here, all of the areas that are wrong with your life, can be adjusted by the way you look at them, and can be improved by the way you approach them, so your life can be improved by changing your attitude, and if you are going to change it, then why not start to develop a Positive Mental Attitude.

Trust me, your quality of life will improve the minute you accept the following statement and then take action:

"There may be things in your life that you believe that you can’t change, However, you can change the way you look at them, Do that and watch how they start to change." Kevin Wash.

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