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Do you know your Ikigai ?

I have recently been introduced to the Japanese concept of Ikigai.

Basically put, its where what you love meets what you are good at and then meets being paid for this finally meeting what the world needs today.

Now I see lots of new ideas and fads, in fact my social media channels seems to think I need to take a $7 on line course to become a fully qualified Mickey Mouse counsellor specialising in taking money from bigger fools than myself.

It seems there is a massive upsurge in literally buying courses and certificates and then starting a new business based on the incredibly minuscule amount of knowledge you have gained from your latest “learning”.

It just strikes me as an evil act, taking advantage of somebody’s naivety or possibly their absolute desperation to try to improve their life as quickly as possible, the old line “if it’s too good to be true, it usually is” comes to mind here.

Life has taught me that there is no legal way to become rich overnight (excluding lottery wins) the common denominator is hard work and continued effort, getting past the many failures and blockages that will come your way, getting past and through these is an essential part of any success plan, you know they will come so why not be prepared for them.

Some people will talk themselves out of a great idea almost as quickly as it came to them, not beside they are overtly negative they are simply not ready for the change or commitment required, this doesn't mean they are not capable, maybe just don’t want to try it alone, so what’s the answer?

Seek professional guidance.

Simple but an effective way of turning your dreams into reality, if you’re not too sure where to start why not try the concept of Ikigai?

I checked it and found that the concept matches perfectly with my role at

I am extremely fortunate to be able to live my passion and ultimately this means helping others.

This is my Ikigai

"What I love is helping people to develop their maximum potential."

I believe that I am exceptionally good at assisting growth in individuals and teams, helping them to overcome challenges, removing obstacles that block their respective pathways and leading them to a better place.

I deserve to be paid for my skills and services honed over a challenging and long life, filled with multiple experiences, covering both success and failure.

I feel the world needs help to allow everybody to improve, remove prejudice and bigotry, racism and ignorance, to understand the importance of mental well being & I am confident that I can contribute to this journey.

Kevin Wash


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