Why An External Trainer’s Perspective Is Important?

" Taking your Team from Good to Great".. Kevin Wash

I personally believe that there is no such thing as too much training, think about it, top athletes, tennis players etc. all have coaches and they train almost every single day if they are not competing, in fact some will train even while competing.

The skill levels of these guys are extremly similar, what seperates the best from the rest?, mindset and attitude, the overwhelming determination to be the best, the commitment to do “whatever it takes”, this is where their training really comes into force, this is how they become the best and maintain that status.

Now think about your current sales team, possibly you only have any additional training when figures are bad, (They are supposed to know what they are doing, so why train them!!) type of mentality, shout threaten to fire them, review your product and prices fire the marketing department, I’ve seen all of these and some even more extreme measures when things are going bad.