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Difference between the best and the rest? Best Sales Practices

Sales Training Best Practices
Sales Training

Imagine this for a moment,

A company pays an awful lot of money to bring in external consultants to create and facilitate a sales training program, it takes time effort and commitment to do this, and then then sales team approach it as if it’s a punishment.

You hear things like?

Why do i need training?

That’s for the bad sales guys not me”

I am too busy for training?

I will try to attend but probably won’t?

Oh no not more training, why?

Then a little while later you hear the same sales team making comments such as.

“The company never invest in us, they need to spend more money on marketing, we need better clients,”

And my personal favourite,

“get me clients who want to buy and I’ll close them”

At Vos we hear all of these comments and more, sadly too frequently.

Now I don’t want to make sweeping generalisations (obviously I’m going to) but a frequent comment we hear is about how lazy sales people are,

I personally think its incorrect, it should say how lazy bad sales people are.

The best sales people know knowledge is a key requirement to succeed in this genre, knowledge comes from self application and discipline, any training is an opportunity to learn, and if you can take away one thing from the training that increases your efficiency then it was good training session.

The opposite can be said of the average to bad sales people, they never really look internally at themselves, they never review their work honestly or critique themselves professionally with a view to improve, they prefer to play the good old blame game,

“it’s not me it’s the Bla Bla Bla” (insert any old rubbish).

Training and coaching is definitely not for the average to poor guys, because they

“simply don’t need it”

Also they have the wonderful mentality allowing maximum growth.

“I know everything about selling, all I need is good clients”

I often compare sales to sports, it’s very interesting how the top sports people approach taring and coaching in general.

They all have coaches, often physical technical and mental, because they appreciate that extra 0.5% could be the difference between Gold and Cold, and that 0.5% come from working on themselves with their coaching and training teams every single day.

Imagine Novak Djokovic or Rafa Nadal for a moment, those guys are physical and mental beasts, they train today to the absolute limit and then tomorrow they will do the same thing again, and the day after and so on

You will never hear them say

“I could have won more with better raquets shoes or balls“!!

They take accountability for themselves and their performance.

They listen to their coaches and then apply what they have learnt.

It’s all about mentality, when the crowd boo Novak, he has trained his mind to hear cheers and this lifts him, when Rafa is behind in a game his mindset switches to “I’m coming for you now”

Imagine if your sales team had the same unbreakable rock solid mentality?

What would that do to your numbers?

How do you get them to that state of mind?

Training has to be constant, and you have to look at your recruitment criteria, the world is full of unfulfilled potential and the over riding reason for this, ”Mentality?

Do you train your HR department or your recruitment team?

Do they know the signs to look out for?

At Vos we come across these issues constantly, and we are confident we know how to overcome them, we can very quickly identify and separate the potential from the problem.

We find the individuals with above average desire, and regardless of there skill levels these are the ones to work with.

We also believe training is what we do, and not what we did.

We try to instil that into companies and their teams, training isn’t something we did, its something we do.

Why not have a chat maybe we can help convert your team also.

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