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Treading Water

According to Google, one of the definitions of this phrase means:

"to tread water" is an idiom, that means doing something/being active without making any progress.

(by Urban dictionary)

Are your sales teams currently only treading water?

What would the impact be on your bottom line if they started to swim?

How much would that be worth to you as a Company?

Recently at the splendid RDO9 conference in London, I spoke with a CEO of a Vacation Ownership company, I had enquired “ how are your sales teams doing” the somewhat surprising response was “ They are doing OK, treading water”

Treading Water!!

This to a sales team is rather like telling your wife she looks “nice” after a new hairstyle and make over.

They are simply terms that in life should never be used.

Isn’t sales about making a difference, being motivated to not only achieve those corporate (challenging) budgets, but also in taking great delight as you and your team burst through that imaginary tape.

Treading water, the two words made me physically shudder.

Sadly in todays marketplace there is becoming a norm that “getting by” “paying the bills” “doing ok” is acceptable, my question is, why?

In a recent European survey 66% of adults confirmed they would always make room in their lives for vacations, 66% that equates to approximately 31 million people going on vacation every year.

So why is “treading water” acceptable, well here at VOS we believe it isn’t, we still believe in the norm that a Positive and Focused sales team can and does lead to success.

In fact we have even created our own product to assist with this, it’s called the

It’s time to make a change and break out of that limiting belief.

If you want your team to stop treading water and to start swimming take a look and drop me a line

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