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Time to embrace change... or Not ?

I attended the recent RDO9 in London, the theme of which was ACT, Action Changes Things.

I was delighted to be invited representing VOS Consultants onto a panel and to contribute some of my own feelings and experiences of change.

Whilst I genuinely felt an air of openness from the delegates towards new idea’s and actually making changes I couldn’t help but wonder how long this enthusiasm would last.

As one exceptional guest speaker Ellis Watson put it, “Make dramatic change, disrupt your model and be brave”.

One speaker likened the current situation of the VO industry to being at the edge of a cliff, and the question being asked was, “do you wait and be pushed or do you jump, but jump with a parachute”?

The parachute represented by the openness to change, embrace technology and accept that in todays ever changing world, convenience is the new loyalty.

Now some time after the excellent conference I feel myself wondering has that bravery since subsided, has the air been let out of the balloon?

How does your Company or Industry react to change, do you really embrace it, or as my headline says, do you agree with everything have some lunch and then go back to the good old comfortable norms?

I sometimes watch with a mixture of sadness and amusement as I listen to Industry Leaders whom I affectionately refer to as Dinosaurs, this guys are usually found in Jurassic park ( their offices) constantly referring to “Back in the Day” & “The way we were” plus one of my all time favourite lines “We’ve always done it that way”.

Knowing they won’t change anything and are simply nursing things along until the day they decide to retire by which time their company will have little to zero prospects.

When do you realise it can be a case of too little too late?

Surely rather having to massively overhaul your operation isn’t constant evolution the best way forward?

I believe “disruptors” are possibly the most welcome breed of individuals and should be embraced as they have no fear of ripping up models and simply starting again mostly with something much better and appealing to larger and more relevant/current market places.

These entrepreneurs won’t be found in Jurassic Park, they are too busy exploring new territories and markets.

Are you a “disruptor” within a company and struggling to have your voice heard?

We know as a Consultancy company that there is still a genuine reluctance to change, so many Companies will keep everything in house and keep a closed mind to trying anything new, ranging from external sales training or profiled recruitment using sales personality tests, both are areas that can have an incredibly significant impact on a bottom line.

As embracers of change at VOS we shall continue to promote and even search for new innovative ideas, after all aren’t some of today’s technological developments enhancing the lives of our clients and all of our personal everyday lives, at home and in the workplace?

So change can’t be all bad, can it?

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