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A pleasant Sales experience..

Over the course of my life I have made multiple purchases, ranging from houses cars holidays expensive clothes watches mobile phones and gifts of varying cost and sentiment, and probably I’m like most people in that I can only recall a few pleasant purchase experiences.

Pleasant as in the way the transaction was concluded not as in the item purchased.

Isn’t that strange?

There have been plenty of experiences that were so bad no purchase was concluded, mainly caused by pushy over zealous sales people, with bad attitudes, and zero customer service mentality.

I wanted though to reflect on what I believe today is still my most pleasurable sales purchase experience and it was for the comparatively small amount of maybe $150-200.

It was December 2011 Mall of the Emirates Dubai and I was going to buy a coffee machine, my apartment at the time was quite small so size was important as was ease of use, that really was my criteria, I went into the newly opened Nespresso store to see what they could offer me.

I was approached by a young gentlemen named Mohamed he was Arabic and like all of the staff was new, even today I am still impressed by the way he dealt with me, he sat me down made me a coffee and engaged me in conversation, he was asking questions about my life, why was I in Dubai, how long married single all good lifestyle friendly questions, then has asked how could he help me.

I explained I wanted to buy a coffee machine and shared with him my detailed criteria, well by the time we had finished I felt like I was being measured for a bespoke suit, finally he chose and recommended the machine for me, which I was happy to agree with.

I started to walk towards the checkout, and he said, “Kevin, we need to consider the experience of drinking the coffee, wouldn’t you agree that is an important facet of it”

Of course he was right, I had just thought put a cup on the machine push a button hey presto we have coffee, so we sat down again and discussed who would be drinking it when how many how often etc.

At the end off my time with Mohamed I had a machine two styles of cups and saucers (all of which I still have today) coffee capsules, again it’s still use the same one he recommended, and a milk machine to make cappuccinos, for my guest’s, I only drink black coffee.

I have purchased a few different machines over the past decade and a few more cups and saucers, I still have the originals and the key point here is I have stuck to this brand loyally throughout the past 10 years, for the sole reason of the service that young man gave me that day, combined with the continued brand consistency of quality of product.

Wouldn’t you like your client facing team members to engage with your clients in the same way, imagine retaining every client for 10 years or more without objection or payment issues?

To do this you need two things, firstly your product must be consistent in quality & service pricing etc and secondly and possibly the most important aspect of this is, you must have engaged employees.

Are your employees engaged?

Do you know the cost of dis-engaged employees, in sales volume and repeat client business as well as staff turnover costs?

At VOS we specialise is training all departments we know that our award winning training, will increase staff engagement and therefor increase productivity which in turn increases sales and then finally this will lead to reduced costs.

Now isn’t that the type of sales circle any business would appreciate?

Contact me and let me show you what we can do for you.

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