Replace or Retrain? Which is the most efficient?

Sadly in today’s throwaway world the employee has now become almost a throwaway by product and simply disposable.

This mentality was highlighted when we came across a well known company in the UAE, they literally have the same relationship with their employees as a man would have with a disposable razor, it works to start with but quickly becomes blunt inefficient and past its sell by date, and like a disposable razor the time frame was horrifyingly short, and the employees get thrown away with another bunch brought in to go through the same process.

The good old hire & fire churn process.

So imagine in life every time something breaks and without looking at the reason why, we just throw it away and get another one, obviously we hope the new one will work better but the reality is we don’t know that.

However is that the most efficient method?

Specifically when you look at surveys showing the cost of new hires ranging from £12k to significantly higher and that is per employee.