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There is more than "Sales Teams"

Sometimes in business today there is such a focus and even a panic on achieving “numbers” hitting targets matching budgets, that it can be very easy for a company to only focus on their sales team and also give an occasional nod in the direction of marketing.

However is that really the most efficient way to achieve?

Every client is a potential source for business, every client is a potential source to reload upgrade repurchase, etc; every client has an unmeasurable value.

Now let’s look at employees in the same way, every employee (forget sales and marketing for a moment) has the potential to impact future sales, every employee can maximise or minimise the clients experience with your company , so the reality is every employee has a significant value, and equally they are all ‘selling” your company and your product.

Now here’s the rub, why is it that companies generally refuse to invest in “other departments” the non sales or client facing support staff?

A reality of today is the biggest competitor your company has regardless of your field, is not a Competitor, it’s a bad experience with your company, do you agree?

If you don’t you have real problem.

If you do then you need to realise its time to invest in your entire company, its proven that engaged teams can generate an increase in client ratings of your company by over 10% and an increase in clients repurchase by over 20%.

How much would that add to your bottom line, so why not consider this for a moment why not take a few dollars from your marketing spend, redirect it into your teams and watch as your existing clients start doing two things, come back and buy more and introduce new clients to you.

Employee engagement is very real and definitely impacts employee performance and retention, the more you look into it the more you understand it, although some people simply don’t get it and probably never will, the results are 100% measurable

We all know it’s about not about working harder it’s about working smarter.

Companies with highly engaged employees regularly outperform their competitors and improve client retention rates, equally staff retention rates increase all leading to greater stability within your organisation.

At Vos we have created a new program TEEM, specifically focused on increased engagement levels across all departments which in turn will lead to an increase in productivity and a reduction in costs.

Would you like to find out more about it. Click here TEEM

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